Low Cost Home Phone Service

If you are like millions of Americans, you might have many recurring expenses each month. It can be very depressing to add them up. While many of these bills are not easy to change, you can easily lower others with some research and shopping around. Let us have a closer look at some ways to find a low cost home phone service provider.

Landlines and Bundles

Even if you have a cell phone plan, there might be many reasons to hang on to your home phone , if you feel cell signal is somewhat spotty at your home, to be able to be sure 911 emergency responders can find you or you can make calls when Internet or power are out.

In addition, keeping your landline may not add much to your monthly bills: if you opt for a "bundle" of services, such as cable/phone/Internet bundle, then you might save even more on your monthly home phone bills from some low cost serv providers .

Your options on low cost home phone service and bundles may vary depending on which carrier offers these services in your area. It is very common to have lowest rates in the first year, where prices may slowly increase after the introductory period.

VoIP Options

In basic terms, VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) is a phone connection that uses Internet instead of traditional phone line. Many low cost home telephone service providers may allow this wherein your VoIP service provider supplies you a VoIP box which you can plug to your router and then to your phone. VoIP service comes with many hi-tech features such as voicemail, call waiting, caller ID, and in some cases, you can even keep your current number.


MVNO (mobile virtual network operators) usually lease their network capacity at wholesale rates from big US carriers and then sell it under their own brand names, saving most customers good money over any of the Big Four plans. About two in 10 wireless subscriptions in the US are now MVNO accounts that often target niche audience such as seniors, kids and immigrants. You can research on low cost serv options on some websites that can be researched on Google.

Research Online

Lastly, for low cost home phone service, you should do some research online on some comparison websites that offer exciting deals if you make a switch or opt for a new phone connection. There is ample research material on these sites about various service providers and their quality of services. So go ahead and spend some time online to find the best service provider for available home phone service.

The Bottom Line

Your options for home phone service may depend on the area you live and exact type of service you are interested in. Because your chosen phone service is a recurring expense-meaning you will have to pay your bills every month-you will be able to save a lost at the end of each year. It really pays to shop around to find out what is available in your state or city, and to learn more about options such as MVNOs or Skype that you may not have considered before.

Last Updated 8/28/2016

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