The Largest Cable Providers in the United States

For more than a decade, cable service providers have seen a substantial boom. Since the inception of cable service in the early 2000s, people have found cable service to be a far better service as compared to Digital Subscriber Line (DSL). The market has since grown significantly and even alone in the US, there are 479 cable service providers. The rise in demand for cable services increased when fiber optics technology came to the fold. It has been a gamechanger in the world of cable services as it has helped tremendously in rapidly increasing the speed of broadband and the reception of cable television.

Comcast Corporation is America's largest cable provider, followed by Charter Communications. Comcast Xfinity and Comcast Business combined, serve more than a 200 million customers across 41 states. Its previous competitor, Time Warner Cable was the second largest cable provider in the US with over 65 million users but was acquired by Charter Communications on May 18, 2016. Now Charter Communication has become the second largest cable provider with over 100 million users, followed by Cox Communications with 20 plus million users.

The market of Comcast has been ever increasing and are the leaders of the pack. But since the $67.1 billion mergers of Charter with Time Warner Cable and Bright House, Charter has become a close competitor of Comcast. Comcast Corporation provides cable television and cable broadband services to the general public via Xfinity brand while they serve small to medium sized business and enterprises through their Comcast Business brand. Both their brands hold a market of 100 million users each. Comcast started in 1963 with a mere 1200 subscribers but since see a vast increase in the demand for their services mainly because of their 600,000 miles Fiber Optic and HFC Cable network. Their speed is 5 times more than an average DSL connection and their high definition television services, makes it a great cable service provider.

Charter Communication has a vast range of Spectrum services for both cable television and the internet. Their merger with Time Warner Cables and Bright House has given it an additional 65 million and 7 million subscribers, respectively. Charter has an employee base of 90,000 workers and serves almost 41 states in the whole of US. Time Warner Cable has been one of the oldest service providers in the US, starting their operations in 1968. They have since become a powerhouse and are continuing their operations independently even though they are under the umbrella of Charter now.

Cox Communicationsis a privately owned company which covers 19 states in the US. They have now become the third largest cable service providers behind Comcast and Charter. Though their market share is only 10% of Comcast and 20% of Charter, they are vastly growing into quality cable service provider. They have all the ingredients to close the gap on the top two with a high-speed internet and quality picture cable television. Cox subscribing are increasing by 1% every month and with their new high-tech fiber optic cable installation, they will be able to provide the cutting edge technology that customers are waiting to see and use.

Last Updated 8/31/2016

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