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Out team at HomeServices.guide has over 20 years experience in helping people find the right home service providers for their family. We know that when you decide to let someone into your home to either fix something or bring in a new service like (tv, phone, the internet) that it can be a bit scary letting a complete stranger into your home. That's why we try and provide you with a host of information on how to protect yourself from scams, make sure that you get the best deal, as well as find the best local service provider for what you are looking for. We understand that your home and family are what you care about most in life and we want to make sure that you don't have to compromise when it comes to their safety or the level of service that you receive. 

If there is ever anything we an do to be better please reach out to us on our social media accounts. We love feedback from our readers. 



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Jim Katz

Jim is a happily married father of 3. He has been self employed for most of his life operating a variety of service based businesses.

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About Us

Home Services Guide helps our visitors find their way through the millions of different home service providers around the nation. Whether you are looking for Cable Tv providers, Plumbers, Electricians, Pool cleaners, or High Speed Internet Providers we can help guide you in the right direction with an array of articles, blog posts, and directory listings.

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